My daughter has a fabulous time at EJMS; she’s been attending for many years and has amassed a group of music friends who take part in all sorts of ensembles. Mainly she just has great fun but she’s also learnt a host of musical skills as well as leadership, listening, working with others and taking responsibility for your role in a group endeavour. The teachers’ passion for music is continually in evidence and is catching! The parents’ choir is great fun too!

EJMS Parent

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Learning a String Instrument.

At EJMS we offer instrument tuition on all the instruments in the orchestral string family: Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass. Students can learn to play string instruments from the age of 5 on specially-made small-size instruments. We have a large stock of instruments in all sizes available for hire to help you start to play immediately.

Individual Tuition

String instrument lessons are available from age 5, from beginner to grade 8 plus. Students can then play in the ensembles listed below.

Violin – from age 5
Viola – from age 6
Cello – from age 5
Double Bass – from age 6/7

Ensembles for Strings Players

There is a wide variety of ensembles for string players to join, whether for students who are at the beginning of their musical journey or are advanced players.

Elementary String Orchestra (Pre-Grade 1-3/4)
Intermediate String Orchestra (Grades 3/4+)
Philharmonic Orchestra (Grade 4/5+)
String Quartets (Grade 4+, by invitation)
Senior String Orchestra (Grade 6+, by invitation)
Cello Ensemble (by invitation)

Benefits of Joining

High-quality Instrument lessons from experienced and inspirational teachers.
Access to a wide variety of instrumental ensembles.
Access to high quality choirs.
Music theory lessons to support your instrument lessons.
Performance Opportunities – Ensemble concerts and Solo Recital Concerts.

Extra Benefits of Joining

Free first term for an ensemble or choir student.
Free ‘Performance Platform’ with individual advice from the Music Director for students taking an exam.
Free piano accompanist sessions in the term in which you take an exam.
Free piano accompanist in an actual exam.
Free aural lessons in the term in which you take an exam.

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