EJMS Privacy Policy for Employees & Staff

Privacy Notice for Employees and other workers of Ealing Junior Music School (“EJMS”) (How we use school workforce information)

Your personal data – what is it?

“Personal data” is any information about a living individual which allows them to be identified from that data (for example a name, photographs, videos, email address, or address). Identification can be by the information alone or in conjunction with any other information. The processing of personal data is governed by the Data Protection Bill/Act 2017 the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR”) and other legislation relating to personal data and rights such as the Human Rights Act 1998.

Who are we?

This Privacy Notice is provided to you by the Trustees of Ealing Junior Music School who are the data controller for your data.

The categories of school workforce information that we collect, process, hold and share include or may include:

  • personal information (such as name, employee or teacher number, national insurance number, passport details, DBS certificate details)
  • special categories of data including characteristics information such as gender, age, nationality
  • contract information (such as start dates, hours worked, post, roles and salary information)
  • work absence information (such as number of absences and reasons)
  • qualifications (and, where relevant, subjects taught)
  • addresses, tax codes and other payroll information, expenses claimed
  • relevant medical information where supplied by you or with your consent
  • phone numbers and email addresses
  • financial identifiers such as bank sort codes and account numbers
  • information regarding your membership or non-membership of the EJMS pension scheme
  • references
  • contact ‘next of kin’ details for use in emergency situations
  • EJMS does not operate a CCTV recording system, but Twyford school where our activities take place does have CCTV in certain areas.

Why we collect and use this information

We use school workforce data to:

  • enable the development of a comprehensive picture of the workforce and how it is deployed
  • inform the development of recruitment and retention policies
  • enable individuals to be paid
  • ensure that we are legally allowed to employ you
  • carry out our legal obligations under Child Safeguarding legislation.
  • we may process sensitive personal data and information about an employee’s physical or mental health or condition in order to monitor sick leave and take decisions as to the employee’s Holder’s fitness for work.

The lawful basis on which we process this information

We process this information under:

Contractual Necessity
Most of your data is processed in order to enter into or perform an employment contract (whether permanent, temporary or casual) with you (or to take steps prior to entering into such a contract.)

Compliance with a legal obligation
Some of your data is processed in order to comply with a legal obligation. This may include, but not be limited to, obligations under child safeguarding legislation and pension scheme legislation, requirements of HMRC and other government departments.

Vital Interests
Where necessary to protect your ‘vital interest’ we may use your medical or emergency contact information without your consent.

Most of your data is processed in order to enter into or perform an employment contract (whether permanent).

Collecting this information

Whilst the majority of information you provide to us is mandatory, some of it is provided to us on a voluntary basis. In order to comply with data protection legislation, we will inform you whether you are required to provide certain school workforce information to us or if you have a choice in this.

Storing this information

We hold school workforce data for the entire period you work for us and for seven years thereafter.

Who we share this information with

We do not routinely share this information with anyone external to EJMS except where we are required by law to do so. Examples of the latter would include address and pay details to HMRC and to the NEST pension provider.

Payroll data may sometimes be shared with the technicians of the payroll software provider where it is necessary to do so, for example to correct any errors in the payroll software.

Certain wages data may be made available to the accountants who compile the statutory end of year financial statements.

Information is shared within EJMS only to the extent that it is necessary to do so for the operational requirements of EJMS. Certain information may also be shared with the EJMS Trustees, who are ultimately responsible for EJMS.

Why we share school workforce information

We do not share information about workforce members with anyone without consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so.

Requesting access to your personal data

Under data protection legislation, you have the right to request access to information about you that we hold. To make a request for your personal information, contact John Hudson, Chair of Trustees, Ealing Junior Music School.

You also have the right to:

  • object to processing of personal data that is likely to cause, or is causing, damage or distress
  • prevent processing for the purpose of direct marketing
  • object to decisions being taken by automated means
  • in certain circumstances, have inaccurate personal data rectified, blocked, erased or destroyed; and
  • claim compensation for damages caused by a breach of the Data Protection regulations

If you have a concern about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, we ask that you raise your concern with us in the first instance. Alternatively, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office here.

Further information

If you would like to discuss anything in this privacy notice, please contact John Hudson, Chair of Trustees, EJMS. Email: [email protected]

Changes to this notice

We keep this Privacy Notice under regular review and we will place any updates on this web page www.ejms.org.uk

This Notice was last updated in May 2018.