Friends of EJMS

“The Friends of EJMS” is a registered charity that exists to support EJMS by raising funds for the Music School, by encouraging parents to become involved in their children’s education at EJMS and by ensuring that parents’ views are represented.

The Friends run the EJMS Café on Saturday mornings through a rota of volunteers. As well as being the Friends main source of income, the Café provides a comfortable place for parents to relax and is a lively spot where students refuel and socialise. It also offers free tea and coffee to our busy teachers to help keep them going throughout the morning.

Money raised by The Friends is used to finance the purchase by EJMS of those instruments that are very expensive to buy. In recent years the Friends have donated substantial amounts to purchase a contra-bassoon, a cor anglais, several bassoons and mini-bassoons, a double-bass, a tuba and two pianos.

The Friends also provide refreshments at concerts and at the ‘Come and Play’ day.

All teachers and parents of EJMS students are automatically a Friend.

The current Chair of the Friends Committee is John Hudson.

Reg. charity 1046970

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