Both our children played their first notes on their respective instruments at EJMS and loved every minute of their Saturday mornings over many years. The older one really took off musically and went on to NYO, Junior Royal Academy and offers at conservatoires, whereas for the younger one it was more of a social thing, with a wide range of musical interests and friendships. That’s the beauty and generosity of what EJMS offers: it supports and encourages kids at all levels of ability and interest, with a friendly caring ethos across all age groups.

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Ensembles at EJMS

All EJMS Individual lesson courses include the opportunity to join relevant orchestras, ensembles, choir and music theory sessions. There are many ensembles available to students as EJMS, as we believe the best way of improving all areas of musical knowledge is by playing alongside other musicians. It also greatly adds to the enjoyment children get out of playing their chosen instrument.

If you take instrument lessons at school or privately you can still join EJMS as an ‘Ensemble-only’ student, and can join relevant orchestras, ensembles, choir and music theory sessions. (Under our Bursary Scheme EJMS offers a free introductory term for the ‘Ensemble-only’ course.) Please click on any ensemble for further information.

Elementary String Orchestra
A first ensemble for string players to gain experience and confidence (Grades 1-3/4). String students can join ESO when they are starting to prepare material for their first exam. The conductor, Ariane Zandi, chooses fun repertoire including well-known tunes and pieces that are exciting to play! ESO is a great place to start to make friends at EJMS and the rehearsals are always full of jokes!

Intermediate String Orchestra
For more able and experienced string players (Grades 3-4+). ISO is conducted by Costas Manoras and is suitable for string players who have gained a good level of expertise on their instrument. They play a varied repertoire of famous classics for string orchestra.

Philharmonic Orchestra
This is the premier instrumental ensemble for experienced string, woodwind, brass & percussion players (Grade 4+ to Grade 6+ depending on instrument). It is conducted by the Assistant Music Director, Elinor Corp. It has the layout of a standard Symphony Orchestra and plays a wide variety of famous orchestral pieces and challenging standard repertoire.

String Trios and Quartets
EJMS runs several chamber string groups of various standards offering opportunities for smaller Chamber Music for more advanced players. Playing in a small ensemble is a valuable experience for a developing string player. It gives them the opportunity to play a solo line within a small group and develop their intonation and ensemble skills. Our current chamber ensembles are coached by Ruth Ferguson, Aneesa Verik and Alice Pratley.

Cello Ensemble
A more advanced chamber group for cellists (approx Grades 5+). Coached by Corinne Morris, the Cello Ensemble is an opportunity for more advanced students to explore the full range and possibilities of this instrument.

Senior String Orchestra
A chamber orchestra for very experienced string players, to give experience of standard string repertoire (Grade 6+, by invitation). Currently coached by Martin Smith, the Senior String Orchestra is an elite ensemble where students develop high-level ensemble skills.

Elementary Recorder Ensemble
A group for all recorder players, not just those learning the recorder at EJMS (Grades 1-3). Recorder students can join this ensemble when they can play the first 8 notes with confidence. Led by Teresa Wrann, it is a fun and friendly group that love to perform in concerts, recitals and in the café!

Intermediate Recorder Ensemble
A more advanced chamber group including all sizes of recorders (approx Grades 3-5). Students in this ensemble get the chance to play the different sizes of recorders: sopranino, descant, treble, tenor and bass. Led by Mafalda Ramos, they play a varied diet of well-known tunes and classic recorder repertoire.

Advanced Recorder Ensemble
Advanced chamber group for experienced players (approx Grade 6+). For advanced recorder players, this ensemble, led by Mafalda Ramos, play challenging repertoire for all sizes of recorders.

Elementary Wind Band
A first ensemble experience for brass and wind players (Grades 1-4). This is a large and fun ensemble for brass and woodwind players to have their first ensemble experience. Led by the Music Director, Felix McGonigal, recent repertoire includes Firework, Baby Elephant Walk and Happy.

Flute Choir
A chamber ensemble for flautists (approx Grade 3+). Led by Tim Osborne, this is an opportunity for all flute-players to explore the repertoire for their own instrument, and have the chance to try the larger alto and bass flutes.

Clarinet Choir
A chamber ensemble for clarinettists (approx Grade 3+). Led by Laura Underwood this is an opportunity for all clarinet players to explore the repertoire for their own instrument, and have the chance to try the smaller E Flat Clarinet and the larger alto and bass clarinets.

Saxophone Ensemble
Chamber group for sax players (approx Grade 3+). Led by Sim Murray this is an opportunity for all saxophone players to explore the repertoire for their own instrument, and have the chance to try the smaller soprano saxophone and the larger tenor and baritone saxophones.

Double Reed Band
Chamber group for oboe and bassoon players (approx Grade 3+). The admired Double Reed Band is directed by Rosie Cow and plays arrangements of popular tunes as well as music specially composed for this rare ensemble. Advanced student have the rare opportunity to play the Cor Anglais and the ContraBassoon.

Wind Quintet
Chamber group for more advanced wind players (Grade 6+, by invitation). For our most advanced wind players, the Wind Quintet, coached by Helen Pierce, explores the wide and varied repertoire available for this long-established genre.

Brass Ensemble
Chamber group for more advanced brass players (Grade 4+). Directed by Dominic McGonigal, the ensemble plays exciting versions of music from Renaissance to the present day.

Concert Band
This is the premier ensemble for all wind, brass & percussion players at EJMS, a large wind band playing demanding repertoire (approx Grade 4+). The Concert Band is conducted by the Music Director, Felix McGonigal, and enjoys playing music from the large American Concert Band repertoire, English Military Band classics, and arrangements of scores from contemporary shows and films.

Big Band
A premier jazz ensemble in a classic Big Band layout and style that focuses on improvising as well as jazz styles and idioms (Grade 5+). Led by Dominic McGonigal, the Big Band plays jazz standards and focuses on improving the style and technique of the players. It is always a regular, popular performer in the Café as well as in the EJMS concerts.

Classical Guitar Ensemble
A group for classical guitarists. Led by Alan Oliver, the ensemble explores the wide repertoire available for classical guitarists.

Rock Guitar Group
A group to explore different styles of rock repertoire, directed by Terrino Chan.

Junior Percussion Ensemble
A first ensemble for drummers and percussionists, giving students the chance to use a wide variety of different percussion instruments, from tamborine to timpani and glockenspiel to marimba. Led by Justin Tambini, they are always a great hit at the concerts, and their performances quite often involve dressing-up!

Intermediate Percussion Ensemble
An ensemble for percussionists to learn the full range of orchestral percussion. Led by Justin Tambini, the ensemble allows students to consolidate their skills on the wide range of instruments that percussionists need to master.

Senior Percussion Ensemble
For more advanced percussion students. Led by Feargus Brennan, this ensemble allows advanced students the opportunity to tackle very challenging repertoire.

Ealing Children’s Choir
This popular Choir is conducted by the Music Director, Felix McGonigal, and is for students in Years 2-6. The choir rehearses for spirited performances at the termly concerts and enjoys singing songs from musicals and films.

Ealing Youth Choir
The Choir is conducted by the Assistant Music Director, Elinor Corp and is for students in Years 7-13. The choir sings in 3 or 4 part harmony and tackles enjoyable and challenging repertoire.

The EJMS Adult Chorale is a 30-strong chamber choir formed of keen parents and parents of former pupils at EJMS. The Choir is conducted by the Chair of Trustees, John Hudson, and performs a wide range of music in 4-part and 8-part harmony, from 17th Century madrigals to Victorian Part songs, to uplifting arrangements of modern pop songs. The choir has performed on BBC Radio 3 and singers are offered the opportunity to perform at external events, recently at the Royal Albert Hall and St Paul’s Cathedral.

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