Exams at EJMS.

EJMS encourages all students to enter music exams, as we believe the discipline of preparing for exams will improve your playing.

EJMS therefore offers fantastic support to students taking music exams.

EJMS enters students for exams with the Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music.

Percussion students are entered instead at the Trinity Guildhall.

Associated Board practical exams are held at EJMS in the final two weeks of each term.

In the term in which you sit an exam, EJMS lesson course students are offered at NO EXTRA CHARGE sessions with an accompanist in the weeks leading up to the exam and at the exam itself; sessions with an aural coach; and opportunities to play the exam pieces at the Performance Platform and receive individual advice from the Music Director.

Ensemble-only students may be able to access this additional support in return for a small fee.

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