I started violin lessons at EJMS when I was in Year 1. I am now in Year 12 and have just taken my diploma on the violin (and on the piano). EJMS gave me the opportunity to sing and play in a whole range of ensembles. I must have performed at least a dozen times each year, which gave me the confidence to perform elsewhere, including leading Ealing Youth Orchestra. I don’t plan to study music at university but I know that I will always have playing music as a way of relaxing, trying different things and meeting new friends.

Miranda, Former EJMS Student

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EJMS Musicianship

Our Musicianship classes are inspiring 30-minute group sessions for younger children aged 3-8 that give children the foundation skills for playing in a musical ensemble – from keeping time following a conductor, from handling instruments, to performing in a group or as a soloist.

We show children how to respond musically to style, melodic shapes, pulse and rhythm. They learn through fun activities to develop skills in aural and sight-singing. They learn to reproduce and recognise rhythmic and melodic patterns, to sing songs and to make up their own songs, to play tuned handbells and a variety of exciting percussion instruments.

The classes are a perfect foundation for children aged 3-8 who want to learn to play an instrument when they are older, and gives them a head-start in the skills they will need to take part in musical ensembles and enjoy making music with others. Our young students really enjoy these classes and the classes help them develop a lifelong love of music from an early age whilst they are still having lots of FUN.

The classes are organised into Beginner Musicianship classes for ages 3-5, and Advanced Musicianship classes for ages 6-8 – for those who have already taken a Beginner class. The course fee includes Theory and Drop-in Theory sessions.

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